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North Howling Wolves

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Dogs owned

Pic Dog
Dreamskyline Lonely Luna LovegoodDreamskyline Lonely Luna LovegoodfemaleDM N/DMDW N/N
Jemilinari Star Cold As IceJemilinari Star Cold As IcefemaleHD A/AED 0/0DM N/NDW N/DW
Juka III Od ÚhoštěJuka III Od ÚhoštěfemaleHD A/BED 0/0DM N/NDW N/DW
Malcolm Merlin of MarvelwoodMalcolm Merlin of MarvelwoodmaleDM N/NDW N/N
Quaggy II Od ÚhoštěQuaggy II Od ÚhoštěmaleHD C
Dreamskyline Dark MaleficentDreamskyline Dark Maleficentfemale