-Benedetta Sivieri-The Legend of Wolf flag

-Benedetta Sivieri-The Legend of Wolf

Benedetta Sivieri


Ctr. Piani di sotto 6

85039 Spinoso


+39 3291297717

Dogs owned

Pic Dog
Artika North StarArtika North Starfemale

Dogs from this kennel: 17

2017-11-30 Norway x Brigitte
Barnaby Barnaby male
Bebaqueen Bebaqueen female
Betlemme Betlemme female
Beyonce Beyonce female
Braveheart Braveheart male
Brienne Brienne female
Bronks Bronks male
Bruce Bruce male
Burka Burka female
2016-12-12 Hypno x Brigitte
Aeron Aeron male
Alaska Alaska female
Aragorn Aragorn male
Aramis Aramis male
Ares Ares male
Arisaka Arisaka male
Artika North Star Artika North Star female
Astrid Astrid female