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Dogs owned

Pic Dog
Anyankas A Sweet SunshineAnyankas A Sweet Sunshinefemale

Dogs from this kennel: 14

2017-03-01 Caos x Anyankas A Sweet Sunshine
Calamitalupidellasila Calamitalupidellasila female
Callystrolupidellasila Callystrolupidellasila female
Cascatalupidellasila Cascatalupidellasila female
Catastrofelupidellasila Catastrofelupidellasila female
Chronoslupidellasila Chronoslupidellasila male
Creedlupidellasila Creedlupidellasila male
2016-02-14 Caos x Anyankas A Sweet Sunshine
Bahdiir Lupidellasila Bahdiir Lupidellasila male
Balto L'esploratore Balto L'esploratore male
Benyt The Dux Benyt The Dux male
Blitz Of The Night Blitz Of The Night male
Bonita D'amar Bonita D'amar female
2015-01-18 Caos x Anyankas A Sweet Sunshine
A Lightning Strike A Lightning Strike female
Amis Pour La Vie Amis Pour La Vie female
Aragon Signore Della Sila Aragon Signore Della Sila male