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Cuore di Lupo MMXI

Pino Cortese

Firmo (CS)


+39 3888521305

Dogs owned

Pic Dog
Another KingAnother Kingmale
Arimminum MachkArimminum Machkmale
Dolce Lucky of LukavaDolce Lucky of Lukavafemale

Dogs from this kennel: 26

2017-03-24 Arimminum Machk x Dolce Lucky of Lukava
Bayles Bayles male
Bjork Bjork female
Brandon Yuma Brandon Yuma male
Brenin Brenin male
Briseide Briseide female
2015-12-24 Flash x Alice
Jacob Jacob male MUTARA MIX
2015-11-05 Misha x Dolce Lucky of Lukava
After Moon After Moon female
Alien Alien male
Always Queen Always Queen female
Amazing Wolf Amazing Wolf male
Amore Dolce Amore Dolce female
Another King Another King male
Arrow Sky Arrow Sky male
Aslan Aslan male
2014-04-12 Flash x Shila
Alice Alice female MUTARA MIX
Marduk Marduk male MUTARA MIX
Mia Mia female MUTARA MIX
Murdock Murdock male MUTARA MIX
2012-12-17 Misha x Shila
Caleb Caleb male MUTARA MIX
Cassian Cassian male MUTARA MIX
Cassius Cassius male MUTARA MIX
Cletus Cletus male MUTARA MIX
Vlad Vlad male MUTARA MIX
Zanna Bianca Zanna Bianca male MUTARA MIX
Zoe Zoe female MUTARA MIX
Zora Zora female MUTARA MIX